We were privileged to have Mike Kruger speak at the Women’s Ministry Luncheon at General Assembly 2017, “Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being a Pastor’s Wife.”

Married in the Ministry: The Importance of Being an Elder’s Wife
I.  Your Influence: Being Married to an Elder Means You Will Have a Great Impact on His Ministry (for Good or Bad)
A. The Importance of Your Husband’s Calling
B. You are in the number one position to help or hinder a man commissioned by God
II.  Your Ministry: Being Married to an Elder Opens Up Opportunities for Your Own Ministry
A. History Lesson: The ministry of women played a key role in the early church
  • In the ministry of Jesus
  • In the ministry of Paul
  • In the 2nd and 3rd century churches & beyond
B. What are Your Gifts? How Are You Using Them?
III.  Your Character: Being Married to an Elder Involves Certain Qualities and Attributes
A. Theological
B. Sacrificial
C. Humble
D. Hospitable