Questions to Connect Around:

  1. Tara reminds us that when two or more women are gathered together conflict is potentially around the corner.  The question is not whether conflict will arise, but rather how will we respond.  Without getting into non-edifying commentary, relate an instance of how you have grown spiritually as you have journeyed through conflict towards peace.
  2. Could you relate to the response of “peace-faker” and “peace-breaker”?  Take some time looking at the potential responses to conflict on the Slippery Slope Graphic produced by Peacemaking Ministries- Click here to learn more:  Discuss how you can see your default response to conflict impacting your own life and community life in Women’s Ministry and church body.
  3. Evaluate whether there are currently clear pathways for women in your church to pursue peace within your church body.  What steps could you take to work alongside your pastors and session to help cultivate a community that is equipped and engaged in peacemaking?

About Tara Barthel:

Tara Barthel is the former director of Peacemaking Ministries and a “recovering lawyer”.  She serves alongside her husband and two daughters as a homemaker, when not regularly mediating and speaking at conferences and retreats.  She is currently working towards her Masters of Arts in Religion at Reformed Theological Seminary.