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We invite you to listen to and read our enCourage Podcast and Blog as we spend time REMEMBERING this Spring 2021. Remember Resources I want to invite you into a season of remembrance this Spring. Each month we will share a new free remember resource. Life is challenging right now, [...]

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Slowly Unraveled


What does it mean to be unraveled? by Rachel Craddock To be unraveled is to be undone, to untangle your identity and the layers of lies that permeate your story so that you can clearly see the truth. Being made new requires an unraveling, as the stories from your past [...]

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Values of Women’s Ministry


Values of Women's Ministry Community:  Commit to prayer. Be intentional in our coming together and staying together in community and unity. Spiritual Transformation:  Encouraging each other in our spiritual rhythms and maintaining confidentiality. Lived Experience:  (Ps.33:11)   Speak of what we know, testify to what we have seen. Discernment:  Seeking to be attentive and alert [...]

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Women’s Ministry General Assembly Luncheon – “Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being a Pastor’s Wife”


We were privileged to have Mike Kruger speak at the Women's Ministry Luncheon at General Assembly 2017, "Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being a Pastor's Wife." Married in the Ministry: The Importance of Being an Elder’s Wife Introduction I.  Your Influence: Being Married to an Elder Means You Will Have a Great Impact on [...]

Women’s Ministry General Assembly Luncheon – “Married in Ministry: The Importance of Being a Pastor’s Wife”2023-04-05T08:04:35-05:00

Creating A Presbytery Women’s Ministry


In an effort to serve you well, we offer these resources from a variety of PCA churches. Be encouraged that the beautiful diversity of the PCA should be reflected in the different structures of our presbyteries.  Our intention is not to prescribe any specific model, but to help you develop a structure that best [...]

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Women’s Ministry Books and Bible Studies


Bible Studies   Revelation: Let the One Who is Thirsty Come by Sarah Ivill Revelation paints a breathtaking picture of the completion of God’s plan of judgment and salvation. Yet its perplexing imagery often scares us away! This expository Bible study gives us the confidence to interpret the mysteries.   The Lamb of God: [...]

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Women’s Ministry Officers Information Forms


Installation of Officers – Helpful officer installation questions to be used by the pastor or another qualified person. Presbytery and Local Church President/Contact Change Form – New officers? We want to know! Update us here!

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Titus 2 & Spiritual Mothering


Foundational Principles for a Titus 2 Small Group Ministry Titus 2:3-5 is not simply a suggestion to match older women and younger women. This gospel imperative is one part of covenant life. It is a part of the strategy for a local church to disciple God’s people. The Titus mandate was given to the [...]

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