No Empty Word: Relentless Pursuit


No Empty Word: Relentless Pursuit, A Study on Hosea Author: Paula Miles - PCA Persistent, incessant, unwavering, and persevering—relentless. Filled with shocking language and uncomfortable spiritual realities, the book of Hosea is the graphic story of our holy God’s deep love, relentless pursuit, and transformation of His faithless and sinful people. [...]

Hebrews: The Superior Savior


Hebrews: The Superior Savior Author: Sarah Ivill - PCA Join Bible scholar and teacher, Sarah Ivill, in an examination of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation to verify the claims given in Hebrews: Christ is greater than all angels, than Satan, and than any Old Testament saint and sacrificial system. He holds [...]

The Advent Investigator


The Advent Investigator: A Fact-Finding Devotional for Students and Their Families Author: Jamye Doerfler - PCA Is there more to the story of Christmas than what we see in tabletop Nativity sets or drive-through reenactments? The Advent Investigator challenges preteens, young teens, and families to look behind the scenes and dig into the [...]

Knowing His Great Name Student Edition


Knowing His Great Name: God's Covenantal Character, Our Identity, and His Community, Student Edition Author: Rachel Craddock - PCA Have you ever wondered what God’s name is? You’re not alone. Moses anticipated this question from the Israelites when God sent him back to lead them out of Egypt (Exodus 3:13). To [...]

A Basic Guide to the PCA General Assembly


A Basic Guide to the PCA General Assembly Author: Dr. Stephen Estock - PCA Revised 5-2-2023 An introduction to the ins and outs of General Assembly. Ideal for first timers! 8 chapters: What is General Assembly? Road Map that guides the assembly PCA Committees and Agencies G.A. Committee of Comissioners RAO [...]

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