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Beneath the Cross


Beneath the Cross Author: Lisa Wallover - PCA Beneath the Cross provides the readings and structure for a moving and sacred Good Friday Tenebrae service. The repetition of three elements—Scripture, story, and song—poignantly retell the crucifixion events recorded in the four Gospels. The gradual dimming of lights and extinguishing of candles [...]

PCA 50th Anniversary Prayer Calendar


PCA 50th Anniversary Prayer Calendar As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the PCA, let us continue this legacy of prayer by uniting our hearts in praise to God for His faithfulness and in prayer for the denominational Committees and Agencies, the General Assembly, and the local churches of our denomination [...]

Preparing for the Table


Preparing for the Table by Lisa Updike Becoming a communing member of your local church is important. Even more important is understanding God’s plan, provisions, and purpose for church membership. The engaging and interactive lessons in Preparing for the Table are theologically sound, rooted in Scripture and the Westminster Shorter Catechism, [...]

Breathe: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord’s Prayer


Breathe: The Life-giving Oxygen of the Lord's Prayer By Karen Hodge “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” — Martin Luther Breathing is very complex but is primarily a subconscious activity. Yet there is a danger in familiarity. As Christians, we may [...]

Frog’s Rainy Day Curriculum


Frog's Rainy Day Curriculum By Lisa Updike This Curriculum is an eight-week course on Christian worldview using the award-winning book Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables. WORLD magazine has designated this engaging and thought-provoking book one of the six most outstanding Christian picture books for the 21st century. Recommended for [...]

A Body for the Lord: PCA Papers on Human Sexuality


A Body for the Lord: PCA Papers on Human Sexuality By PCA In order to maintain the purity and peace of the PCA, the General Assembly has acted to provide guidance to members who struggle with sexual sin yet yearn to live in the blessing and freedom of God’s design [...]

The Good King’s Feast


The Good King's Feast By Elizabeth Harwell In The Good King’s Feast, Elizabeth Harwell proffers the covenant theology abundantly proclaimed through the sacrament of communion with the same style and clarity she used to explain baptism in The Good Shepherd’s Pasture. Children and parents alike will have new appreciation for [...]

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